Kuchineal C.

FoxyRae was my agent. I was treated very well. I was not quite sure of what I wanted. She talked me into buying a diamond in the rough instead of an overpriced home. Today I am sitting pretty with over 300k worth of equity in my home in a very nice neighborhood. Over the years, I have witnessed her do the same for others. Foxy Rae is a great Agent now Broker.

Dana B.

Hard work, professionalism, diligence and patience paid off. I'm grateful and thankful for the awesome staff at BrownstoneHunt Real Estate in helping me release a huge weight off my shoulders. Blessings to FoxyRae, Natiya and Makayla for a job well done.

Jack B.

Very professional, very educated, very personable. Overall 10/10 experience will recommend to a friend.


Very professional and above and beyond service to help purchase our home!

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